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Jam specialitiesHere is another British news: the family-owned Duerr jam factory, opened in 1881, has launched the most expensive jam speciality of the world. You can buy 1 kg of orange marmalade for 5 000 £. What astonishing figures! However, the ingredients are quite unconventional indeed. It is rather obvious that the marmalade is sold in crystal jars. Furthermore, 62-year-old Dalmore Whiskey, a bottle of which costs 32 000 £, Champagne Pol Roger, and, of course, gold pigments have been added to the orange. Very fascinating.

Nevertheless, another candidate competes for ‘World’s most special jam’ title. It was auctioned at public sale: despite the upset price had been 99 cent, the final offer for one jar was 1 000 $. This jam is said to be particular for two things. On one hand, for its ingredients; apple, oregano from Cuba, spices of Thailand (e.g. yam), cricket, sugar and apple wine vinegar. On the other hand, for the purpose of the auctioning: Dos Equis, the seller, donated the income to save northern hairy-nosed wombats. These animals are on the brink of extinction; according to the statistics, its current population size is approximately composed of 100-110 individuals, so they need some help indeed.

Last but not least, here is Christine Ferber, called the Queen of Confitures. The French lady is not famous only for her uncommon jams, but also for the fact that she has been the only woman ever to win Bocuse D’or cooking competition, the culinary equivalent of Oscar Awards. Needless to say, in jam category.

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