Jam collection

Jams from wild fruits

I love wild fruit jams. For this very reason they make up most of my assortment. I have blackberry, mulberry, dogberry, sloe, rosehip, haw, and greengage; all being small and valuable fruits. They do not surrender easily; you have to fight for them. Just think about how many of these little fruits are needed to make one single jar of jam. Now you can understand why others use substances or simplify the recipes. Nevertheless, I will carry on with my original idea of making jam out of real, unprocessed wild fruits. Bio jam, if you prefer. I believe that my diligence and commitment to jam making will differentiate me from others. Whoever tastes it will know that this jam is made by Ági Schmidt.

Let’s not forget something very unique: walnut jam. It might sound strange first but it is not just some fruits cooked together with walnuts like a dessert cream. It is pure Provence walnut jam. Walnut jam fans do not have to import it from abroad anymore, I can prepare it. It adds a new and unique taste to my jam collection.

Classic jams

Of course the favourite classics, like raspberry, apricot or plum, could not be left out of my assortment. However, I find it important to include some peculiar tastes among the classic ones. That is why I chose fig and grape. Also, there is a jam that I feel has been forgotten: medlar jam. When compiling the assortment, rather than thinking about the quantity, I was led by the idea of making classic jams special. Takes a lot of time? Yes. Meticulous work? No problem. Needs to be cooked for a long time (e.g. plum jam requires a full day of cooking)? Of course, I am making jam; an aromatic, dense plum jam with 100% fruit content.

Gourmet series

The many and many special flavours, forgotten fruits, fantastic spices and flower in nature inspired me to prepare some of my favourite combinations to those who have the same delicate taste like me. Some of the jams feature flowers like lavender, camomile and elderflower. Since it is gourmet, some spices should be added, too. So I spice up the jams with some mint, vanilla and cinnamon. And then of course there are the jams with a few drops of alcohol. Obviously, in a Gourmet jam collection I cannot forget about the chocolate fans either.

Gourmet series. If I had to summarize why my jams are different from others I would say the combinations, ingredients and proportions make them unique, different and distinctive. A brand new direction; fresh, cheerful, light and courageous. These combinations are truly unique so I would recommend everybody to keep an eye on the website to see when an exciting new flavour is added to the collection.

Grandma series

As I child I always thought that my sweet grandma prepared the best jams in the world. Fortunately the female side of the family preserved her marvellous, handwritten recipe book with great care. So now I know everything she knew about jams.

In this collection you will find somewhat sweeter, more chunky and traditional flavours. Already one spoonful of these delivers the complete dessert experience. Here the classic fruit taste is more dominant over the fantasy. The ingredients are measured with due care and the jams are easily recognizable. Just by looking at the jar one can easily recognize the ingredients since I put big fruit pieces in the jars.

The strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots and plums are not cooked until they reach a puree texture. I handle the fruits with even more care than usually to ensure that the colours and shapes remain recognizable. The result is a real fruit jam, one that comes to your mind when someone says granny’s jam.