Ági Schmidt

Schmidt ÁgiHello, I am Ági Schmidt. On a cold winter day, after spending long-long years in the private sector, in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to switch to a totally new world – and a new work. I decided to make jam.

Even though the decision was made on a winter day, just like a plum jam, it had been boiling inside of me for a very long time. ‘I am going to make jam.’ I kept repeating it to myself. Later I did not only think about it, but also shared my idea with everyone who likes natural, creamy and rich flavours. I am going to prepare the best jam of the world – out of fruits only.

Anyone can make jam. Or so I thought until I started to pay attention to the professional tricks. I came to a realization; if I want to produce real high-quality handmade jam then I have to do it my own way. I do not believe in adding a lot of sugar or sweetener to the fruits or adding lots of apples to produce more jam. I do not agree with using food preservatives either. However, I do believe in personal presence, in overseeing the whole process with due care. For this reason I am present during the whole process of picking, selecting and cleaning of the best fruits and the sterilization of the jars. Once the jam has been prepared I cover it with great care, just like a mother tuck in her child.

I think I started with the most difficult fruit: the rosehip. I did not rest until the result was perfect. Since it will have my name on it I could not settle for less. This jam is not from grandma or the neighbour lady; it is not made based on different recipes. It is mine. I have a passionate love for the process of transforming fruits, flavours, aromas, and colours into jam.

For me jam has to be creamy, smoothly pounded, incredibly bright and soft, and the colour of the jam revealing the main ingredient. My jam looks just like fruit pulp put in lovely little jars. Its fruit content is prominently high, varies between 80 and 100% depending on the type. After preparing the first hundred jars of rosehip jam it was clear that I had my own jam store, Ági Schmidt’s jam collection. I was ready for the next fruit.