Gherda’s jam

Gherda lekvarja

In contrast to La Chambre Aux Confitures, in a Romanian village it is the grandmother who makes the jam. However, her jams are easily distinguishable. Why are they so unique? Two factors brought the old lady worldwide fame.

Primarily, she packed her products in particular oak boxes. Does not it seem a big deal? It surely does not, but she figured out how to replace the chopped trees: anyone who buys a jar in this decoration, must additionally pay the price of five oaks. For instance, if you purchase 800 grams of jam, you will spend 365 Euros. What a brilliant idea!

And, to add a further twist to the story, one of Gerda Gherghiceanu’s customers is Prince Charles. How could it be possible? Well, the British prince’s property in Romania is next to Gerda Gherghiceanu’s land. She is good at marketing, is not she?

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