Making jam

All my jams are solely made off unprocessed bio fruit. The naturalness of wild fruits is obviously guaranteed, but in case of classic jams I thought it would be important to avoid sprayed or chemically treated ingredients. For this reason I work exclusively with fruits bought from local bio farmers or picked in our own garden. In my opinion, it is crucial to make jam of freshly picked fruit, so, after visiting the farmers, I immediately get down to work and never wait the moment fruits may lose their freshness.

The cooking, the point, can be started only after all this preparation. As far as I can see, the best jam ought to be cooked only in copper pot. In copper pot, in hygienic circumstances, more times, in smaller quantities. Not in the courtyard, not in the garden behind the house, exclusively where cleanness is ensured. Cooking the fruits is the nice and easy stage of the process, yet the way towards it – picking, selecting, washing and sterilizing them – is the difficult one. It is an extremely exhaustive but uplifting work at the same time.

Just like the jams, all the photos are obviously mine. Through them everyone can get an insight into my jam collection and might be lost in this sweet wonderland. I truly hope you will like not only my photos, but also my jams, those made of wild fruits and the classic ones. As well as the jams of Gourmet and Grandma’s series.